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Meet Keith Kalfas

Meet Keith Kalfas
Keith Kalfas is the social media world’s leading landscaping & window cleaning influencer and one of the most-watched and followed personal development coaches in his industry. His videos have been viewed 20MM times, 200,000 people see his posts each week online and 2,500-plus students have taken his online courses at the Keith Kalfas Academy. Because of these results. Keith has been featured in Turf Magazine, Window Cleaning Magazine UK and has been invited to speak at The Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE, CSA and several other industry events. Keith also hosts his very own "sold-out" live event each year in Michigan called the "Marketing ROI". Keith has written and self-published two books including "How to Start a Landscaping Business" and "The Window Cleaning Blueprint" and is scheduled to release his new book on small business marketing soon. He is now a regularly requested speaker in the small business world and plans on giving many inspirational talks in the near future.


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