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You Are Never Going to Run Out of Work | Keith Kalfas

If you are new to running your own business or are just a few years in, there seems to always be this fear that if you let up just a little, you will start losing business or stop getting new clients. This is especially the case for landscapers. If you are just starting on your own or maybe just have a few guys, there is an overbearing feel that if you do not go 110% all the time, that you will not be able to sustain yourself or the business. Well, I am here to tell you that if you structure your business correctly and learn a few key skills, the jobs will never stop coming in.


Survival Mode

Many times, new and experienced landscapers alike will take nearly any job they can find whether it is well paying or not. They have this thought that if they do not take whatever jobs they can, that they will not be able to find any jobs at all and will not make any profit for the day. This is when entrepreneurs take anything and everything they can just in the hopes that they can...

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Get a CRM for Your Service Business Right Now


What's up this is Keith with and welcome to another Blog.

If this is your first time here and you would like to learn about how to start and grow a landscaping or window cleaning business and other related Service Business type stuff.

Now if your frustrated or scrambling when trying to collect and remember your customer's contact information, phone number, email address, home address and other related notes to your customers and clients.

In your service-based business.

If you don't have at least and "MVS" that stands for "minimum viable system" in place 2 manage all of your customer data. Then this can spiral into an overwhelming issue really fast.

Grow Your Service Business with Jobber

Not to mention, integrating all of your customer contacts with an invoicing and billing software that allows you to collect payment from customers, collect signatures from customers, create work orders and schedule work, integrate all this into a calendar so you can...

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