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How "Saturday Finances" Changed My Life


How "Saturday Finances" Changed My Life

Are you struggling to run your business financially? Is debt following every move you make? Do you worry about how to handle your finances every time you walk into a dealership to make a purchase?

I've been there. Once upon a time I was broke, I destroyed my credit score, and I amassed debt that made it difficult to be a small business owner.

But today, I'm going to share my single simple system of doing my finances. It's been so successful that I do it every single Saturday morning without fail.

Here's how "Saturday Finances" has changed my life (and how it can change your life too!).

What is the concept behind "Saturday Finances"?

The idea behind Saturday Finances is simple. You dedicate a set time each week to your finances. For me, it's Saturday morning.

I've never missed it in the four years since I started Saturday Finances.

You create a system for doing your business finances. I use an app called Google Tasks, which helps me keep my...

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