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A $100K Business Does Not Happen By Hard Work Alone...

You must Breakthrough the limiting employee mindset...


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There are 5 Essential Business Building Principles every successful business needs if you're going to hit Six Figures.  

Read on to see how you too can take the worry and difficulty out of starting a legitimate Landscaping Business That's Profitable Right Out Of The Gate!

With Results Like These:

"I hit 100k in my  business last year."

 "Going to buy my first truck today!! I'm pumped."

"In our first year open we made 140k!"

It's No Wonder My Students Are RAVING About My Unique Approach To Starting and Accelerating A Landscaping Business

Starting and running a Landscaping Business can be really hard... Especially if you don't know how to do it properly, right?! 

And if you're like most of the aspiring landscapers I work with, you're starting a business because you want to make more money...

...NOT spend all day working your guts out!  (With nothing to show for it!)

The reality is: 

Whether you currently want to start a landscaping business or Accelerate your existing business...



Think about it! 

You don't just close your eyes, cross your fingers, and hope new landscaping customers will magically show up, do you?

No!  Of course not!

So then why would YOU ever assume new landscaping customers are just going to find YOU by osmosis?

If you're sitting around waiting for customers to come to you, or taking any job that comes just to get some cash in your hand, 

You're leaving SO much money on the table...
...I'm a little worried about the table!

I mean... has it worked so far? If you’re like most who come to start working with me, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok!  It's not your fault!

Because when you’re leaving money on the table, sometimes it’s as simple as turning around to pick it up!

And you will start picking up even more when you know WHO your "Perfect Landscaping Customer" is and how to get them...

This will Accelerate Your Business Like Crazy!

The Reason Most People Trying to Start Landscaping Businesses Fail Is...

*  ...because they don't know how to market their business

* ...they don't know how to price jobs

* ...they are afraid to say "No".

* ...they're simply not charging enough money

Knowing what to charge, how to market and what jobs to take is really so easy once you understand it - you'll never go wrong again.

 I can show you that. With Easy to understand, step-by-step videos that will get you started faster than you ever thought possible.




Here's what you'll get...

  1. Simple Videos that will show you exactly what you need to easily start a business without making all the mistakes I did!
  2. Change your thinking about how hard this all is - everything I show you is something you absolutely can do!
  3. How to price a property to get the right amount of money and feel GOOD about!
  4.  The most powerful video trainings - about how to make sales and dominate the market!
  5. How to set up a legitimate business that keeps you protected.

It's time to give your landscaping business (and your bank account!) the momentum it deserves!

Here’s What You Get When You Invest in “The Landscaping Startup Accelerator:”

Over 10+ hours of in-depth online video lessons focused on building a landscaping business

These videos walk you through the process step-by-step and leave nothing important out.

Just watch what I do and then do it yourself to achieve success.

With this course, you can accelerate your business and get it off the ground much, much faster than I did!

Module One:
Discover how to Start your Landscaping Business with hardly ANY money up front!
  • In this section, you’ll find out all the shortcuts to start making money now.  The secret to knowing exactly how much to charge so you’re always making a profit. 
  • And the basic system you need to get the best jobs at the right prices
  •  In Video 8 you’ll see how to make sure you always get paid (So you don't get stiffed!)
 Module Two:
Discover my "Rapid Mindset Upgrade Method" to keep you moving forward
  • You’ll determine the exact tools and equipment that you absolutely, positively must get NOW, and exactly how to acquire them fast.
  • How to get easy advertising that won’t cost an arm and a leg. 
  • How to get your business organized so you’ll be worry free!
Module Three: 

Property Walk-throughs & Pricing Methods

  • Secret techniques about shrub trimming and how to price it for maximum profitability.
  • Ornamental tree trimming secrets. (Our highest profit margin service, btw)
  • An in-depth tutorial on exactly how to price property maintenance & garden bed makeovers.
 Module Four:
Probably the Most powerful section (On marketing your Landscaping Business)
  • Why paying attention to the little things will get you even more customers.
  • What "throwing rice" has to do with local marketing. 
  • I tell you the secret at 2:12 of the first video.  Doing this will absolutely accelerate your business and get you more customers than you can handle!
Module Five:
The 5 things you Must have set up before you EVEN start the first landscaping project. 
  • I'll show you exactly, step-by-step how to get your business licensed, insured, and registered.
  • How to easily handle paperwork, so you can concentrate on the things that make more money!
  • Why having disclaimers will save your ass - and how to write them.
  • When & how to hire your first employee and how much to pay them.
Module Six:
Exclusive Interviews

Classic interviews with:

  • Eric Reno
  • Coach Rob
  • Nick Syzmanski 


  •  The 8 Essential Training Modules every Business Owner needs to start ACTUALLY making a profit!
  • 18 Additional Modules for the business owner’s mindset, My Sales and Domination Strategy, and some “How to” training!

  • Property walk videos to show you what to charge, why to charge, and how to Charge the client and actually MAKE money.

  • Video interviews with 3 entrepreneurs and how they overcame their own struggles in business.

  • And much, MUCH more!  

You'll love this program!

See Why Our Coaching Clients Said,"This alone was worth well over $5,000!"

Inside my Coaching Programs, clients pay me $5,000 to support them in their growth. A lot of what I teach them is in The Landscaping Business Accelerator.  And here's the best part, you don't have to pay $5,000 to get what they got!

When You Enroll in The Landscaping Business Accelerator, You’re Getting The Culmination of 14 Years of Business Experience with a total of 4,500 Customers, 20+ employees bringing in 6 figures per year.

 And today, My Landscaping Startup clients pay me $250 an hour to do things like help them start their business, improve their sales process, figure out pricing and how to close higher ticket jobs.

Some of these same clients have gone on to create Million Dollar businesses, and they all can agree that getting the right information in the beginning can be the difference that brings in THOUSANDS!

 Whether you're just getting started or you're like most of my students who are making $6-8K/mo, then chances are, you can already see what a PROVEN system can do for you, right?

And let's not just look at the next job you bid...

...but for every landscaping job you bid... and for every job you bid in the future!  Because...


 Accelerate Your Business Today!

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In fact, if you don't find success with this course, I'll give you your money back!

If you're like most people that come to me, they've been burned in the past.

Maybe the system wasn't what it promised, or it was just too hard.  I can only give you my word and tell you that's not going to happen.

I want you to know, that is exactly why I'm including a 90-day, no questions asked full 100% money-back guarantee. 

That means if for any reason you don't like the program, it's not what you wanted or expected,  that you don't like the sound of my voice or the style of videos that I have here in the program, all you have to do is send an email. 

Send an email to me at [email protected]  I will happily give you all of your money back and even we'll give you a thank you. Thank you simply for taking the time to give it a shot.

Now you can invest in this program with confidence and Peace of Mind, knowing that there's truly no way you'll ever be ripped off. 

Because if this isn't what you wanted, we don't want unhappy money. All I want to do is help you succeed.  It's for that reason, that you can join absolutely risk-free. I'm actually putting all the risk on me!

Bonus #1 -

Social Media Explosion

If you're looking to boost your social media game and get those views and engagement rolling in, Social Media Explosion is your ticket to success. Discover the secrets behind creating eye-catching thumbnails that grab your audience's attention. 

  • How to Get tons of views and engagement on social media
  • Dive deep into the mysterious world of YouTube and social media algorithms
  • How to crack the code for maximum exposure

Bonus #2 -

Your First Year in the Landscaping Business 

Get the No Bull Guide to Eliminating the Stresses and Fears of Your First Year in The Landscaping Business  

You'll get the ebook AND the Audio version of this! 🎧 

  • Practical Skills & Lessons
  • How to Sell & Price Jobs
  • Develop a Warrior Mindset
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Shorten Your Learning Curve

Bonus #3 -

How to start a Landscaping Business

With no Startup Money!

I'll share the secrets of where and how to get equipment when you're flat broke!  📖

  • Find out about the "Gatekeeper"

  • I'll show you how to stop having that "victim" mentality

  • What's really stopping you from stepping out into the unknown and launching your new business.

  • and so much more!
  • Oh!  there's an audio version, too!

Bonus #4 -

Workorder download

 A downloadable, editable copy of the same workorders I use - complete with a media release form so you can take videos and pictures of your work.


When you join The Landscaping Business Accelerator, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to start your VERY OWN Business!  Including...

  1. The 8 Essential Training Modules every Business Owner needs to start ACTUALLY making a profit!
  2. 18 Additional Modules for the business owner’s mindset, My Sales and Domination Strategy, and some “How to” training ! 
  3. Property walk videos to show you what to charge, why to charge, and how to Charge the client and actually MAKE money.
  4. Video interviews with 3 entrepreneurs and how they overcame their own struggles in business.
  5. And much, MUCH more! 

 This makes everything you get well over $1999 in value! ($2095 to be exact!)

And you can get it all for just $147 right now!

You now have to make a choice...

Since you’re reading this far, I already know that you’re interested in starting your own business – or maybe you’ve already started it, but you’re still not getting the results you want. 

You now have to make a choice.

Choose to join The Landscaping Business Accelerator and start making the money that you deserve, or…

Choose not to join and continue to struggle.

If you already have a thriving business that is breaking records... you don’t need this training... you need to be celebrating!

But, if you're wondering why you can't get ahead, then your options are simple:

You can choose to do nothing... and then of course nothing changes. The problem just becomes so much worse.

OR you can choose to be the CAUSE IN THE MATTER and do something about it.

You can choose to avoid the problem all together and hope that it will magically go away (it won’t.  Ever.).

OR you get 100% Committed to doing something about it!

If you choose the latter, then now is your time to get signed up and get started!

Otherwise, you can just click right off this page!

But CHOOSE Quickly!

If you put this off, what will change?

Don’t wait! You can get started today!

 Join Now & Create a life and business that you love!

 Accelerate Your Business Today!

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I understand that charging $147 for everything included in this offer could have you thinking there must be a catch.

But I assure you there is NO CATCH. This is not some continuity program scam that sticks you with new charges on your card every month.

I’m making this offer for one reason – and it’s definitely not to scam you. My reason for doing this is to show you the incredible value that my products offer.

 If you see what I’m making available for just $147 then maybe in the future you will want to see more about my other programs that cost more and that offer even more value!

 But either way there will be no pressure to try anything from me. I want to establish a good business relationship with you – one where I hope you will come to me for beneficial business information and advice. I promise I will never do anything to harm that relationship. I will always be honest and forthright with you.

That last statement makes this a good point to mention the following:

Please understand that when it comes to results mine are not typical. So I’m not guaranteeing that you will match what I’ve done using the information in this program.

 Results vary by person and depend on many factors including your background, experience, work ethic and numerous other factors.

 What works for one person may not work for someone else – that’s just how life is. A lot of our success depends on factors outside of our control.

 The bottom line is all business involves risk of some sort and requires hard work and consistent action. If you're not willing to accept all that I’ve just said, please DO NOT GET THIS.


  "I genuinely appreciate your advice bro, you've helped me since I started landscaping 3 years ago and you are the  heartbeat in my business when I feel like giving up.  I love your videos man, you truly changed my life because you made my business the way it is now, I can't thank you enough for that"



 "This guy made me a hundred-thousandaire. I quit my landscape job and started a landscape business. Net worth to this date 722K"

Alex Hitts


"Thank you Keith Kalfas_ Without you I wouldn't be booking $1500+ garden bed maintenance Jobs"

 Andrew Washburn

 Accelerate Your Business Today!

 Click here now to get this for just $147