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Building a Landscaping Business and getting customers is hard... Especially if you don't know how to do it properly, right?! 

And if you're like most of the aspiring GREEN INDUSTRY PROS I work with, you're on this page because you want more customers, clients, contracts and money!

...NOT spending your time wondering why your schedule doesn't have any work on it!

The reality is: 

If you're anxious about breaking into the "100K club" and not being able to gain the traction needed to make REAL money...


Think about it! 

You can't just cross your fingers, close your eyes, and hope you'll wake up and see a packed schedule full of work, right?

No!  Of course not!

So then why would you ever assume that just making another boring post for your 10 followers is going to take off like wildfire?

Creating marketing without a solid strategy is like trying to throw a dart in the dark and expecting to hit the bullseye!

Not even knowing WHERE that bullseye is - OR the skills to hit it when you see it

I mean... has this worked for you so far?¬†If you‚Äôre like most who come to start working with me, it‚Äôs very likely a ‚Äúno.‚ÄĚ

But this is all ok!  It's not your fault!

Because I have for you not only a powerful light so you can SEE that target, I'll show you how to have perfect aim!

It's my unique blueprint for marketing your business!

Introducing, Business Marketing Blueprint!

10,000 +



Do you know the #1 Mistake that people make when attempting to market their business?



Without a strategy, you'll end up randomly copying other people's marketing. That doesn't attract the right leads and customers, which causes frustration and ends up in analysis paralysis! 

And just making more posts on social media is pointless if you don't know what kind of content to create anyway!

So, while you’re thinking “I don’t need a marketing strategy, I'll just do everything myself!"



Here's what else you might be thinking...


  • "I don't have the time"¬†
    No worries - I'll show you how to put everything on autopilot.
    (I'll show you the exact formula) 
  • "I'm not ready to spend a bunch of money on marketing & advertising"
    No worries, I'll show you how to do most of this with just your smartphone.
  • "All these social media platforms are overwhelming" I'll show you how to hire a virtual assistant who will do it all for you!
    (I'll show you the exact system)


  • ‚ÄúHow do I make the almighty algorithms happy so I get traction on social media?"¬† (Don't worry, I've got you covered)¬†

So Who Am I?

I'm Keith Kalfas, and I understand the tough parts of social media marketing and growing a YouTube channel. 

 My experience building 6 YouTube channels with 80 Million views on Social Media has taught me how to make complex online strategies simple and doable. I focus on solving the real problems you face in digital marketing.

I have a Podcast with 1 Million downloads and has inspired 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own home service businesses.  I'm also a keynote speaker and do regular talks around the United States.  

With me, you'll learn practical steps to tackle these challenges and see real results.

When you choose me as your guide, you're getting more than just lessons; you're getting a partner who is committed to helping you succeed online.

With Results Like These:

"I hit 100k in my  business last year."

 "Going to buy my first truck today!! I'm pumped."

"In our first year open we made 140k!"

"Definitely buy the bundle. Keith helped me get over the 100k mark in two years."

"This is content I been looking for. I been asking people about this everyday. Nobody wants to tell me this stuff. I enjoy your messages. Keep it going bro!"

"Just days after this course I am already closing higher paying jobs!"

It's No Wonder My Students Are RAVING About My Unique Approach To Starting and Marketing a Home Service Business on Social Media!



What’s inside... 

  • Step-by-step approach to collecting positive reviews and managing feedback:¬† Builds trust with potential customers, enhancing your business's online reputation

  • Detailed instructions on optimizing your Google My Business profile: Increases visibility in local searches, attracting more customers to your business

  • Practical marketing techniques and scheduling tips for busy entrepreneurs: Saves time and ensures your business grows its online presence, allowing you to focus on running your business

  • ¬†In-depth exploration of essential marketing principles and strategies: Builds a solid marketing foundation for effective delegation and continuous refinement of marketing efforts

  • Utilization of Ringless Voicemail Technology for customer outreach: Enhances communication strategy with a non-intrusive approach, boosting response rates and direct engagement.

  • Insight into the essence of marketing as a promise to your customers:¬†¬†Improves how you communicate your business's value, making your services the obvious choice for potential clients

  • Techniques for generating leads and optimizing your marketing funnel:¬†¬†Increases ROI by refining your marketing strategy based on lead source tracking and customer acquisition costs
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Here’s What You Get When You Invest in Business Marketing Blueprint:

You'll get SIX+ hours of in-depth online video lessons focused on getting your marketing amplified so your  business (or personal brand) will grow.

These whiteboard lessons walk you through the process step-by-step and leave nothing important out.

Just watch what I do and then do it yourself to achieve business marketing mastery.

With this formula, you can level up your business marketing and achieve affluence much, much faster than I did!

Module One: 
Unlocking Trust: The Power of Social Proof in Marketing
  • Discover the psychology behind social proof and why it's crucial for building customer trust.

  • See strategies for gathering and showcasing positive reviews to boost your business's credibility.¬†¬†

  • Explore practical tips for leveraging social proof across platforms to attract and retain customers.

Module Two:
Digital Domination: Mastering SEO & Email Marketing

  • Unlock the secrets to ranking #1 on Google and becoming the local authority in your industry.

  • Find out how to craft engaging emails that keep your customers interested and drive repeat business.

  • Discover actionable strategies to enhance your online presence and convert online searches into sales.
Module Three:
Boost Your Business Online
  • Find out how to gather and leverage positive reviews to enhance your business's reputation.¬†ūüŹÜ

  • Master Google My Business for increased visibility and customer attraction.

  • Discover time-efficient marketing strategies to consistently grow your online presence.
 Module Four:
Digital Mastery - Boost Your Online Visibility
  • Uncover the essential digital marketing strategies to elevate your small business's online presence.

  • Find out from real-life experiences on how to effectively use social media and online platforms to attract more customers.

  • Discover practical steps to set up and optimize your Google Business page for maximum visibility and impact.

Module Five:
Master Ringless Voicemail
  • Discover the power of non-intrusive communication with Ringless Voicemail Technology.

  • Find out how to effortlessly increase your response rates and connect with your customers.

  • Unlock strategies for market domination without disrupting your customers' daily lives.

Module Six:
Google My Business Mastery - Stand Out and Succeed
  • Unlock your online visibility by verifying your Google My Business Listing

  • Optimize your¬† listing for peak performance.

  • Dominate your local market by engaging and attracting more customers online.

Module Seven:
Skyrocket Your Business with 5-Star Reviews with Bobby Walker
  • Discover Bobby Walker's journey from zero to a million in three years, powered by nearly 400 five-star Google reviews.

  • Uncover the secrets to exceptional customer service that turns every job into a glowing review.

  • Dive into the¬† marketing system: A step-by-step guide to earning five-star reviews from every customer.
Module Eight: 
Boost Your Business with Curt Kempton's Sales Mastery
  • Unlock the secrets to effective quoting and save thousands with Curt Kempton's proven strategies.

  • Find out how to enhance customer experience and secure more profitable jobs effortlessly.

  • Discover the four essential sales and marketing tactics that will scale your business to new heights.
Module Nine:
Design to Impress: Elevate Your Marketing with Graphic Design
  • Master the essentials of graphic design to make your marketing materials stand out and attract more customers.

  • Hear from a professional designer how to create compelling visuals that communicate your brand's message effectively

  • Discover the secrets behind choosing the right colors, fonts, and layouts to enhance your business's visual appeal.
Module Ten: 
Digital Mastery: Boost Your Business's Online Visibility
  • Uncover the essential digital marketing strategies to elevate your small business's online presence.

  • Find out from real-life experiences on how to effectively use social media and online platforms to attract more customers.

  • Discover practical steps to set up and optimize your Google Business page for maximum visibility and impact.
Module Eleven:
Unlocking Marketing Secrets: Make Your Business the Chosen One
  • Discover the true essence of marketing and how it's more than just advertising‚ÄĒit's a promise to your customers.

  • Find out how digital marketing has transformed the business landscape and what it means for your visibility online.

  • Gain insights from Keith's personal journey on effectively communicating your business's value and standing out in a crowded market.
Module Twelve: 
Marketing Mastery: Elevate Your Service Business
  • Unleash the power of automation and digital strategies to outpace your competition and secure a dominant market position.

  • Find out how to identify and leverage low-cost marketing techniques for expansive client growth and higher profit margins.

  • Master the art of optimizing your marketing funnel, from understanding customer acquisition costs to maximizing ROI.
Module Thirteen:
Unlocking Marketing Mastery: A Guide to Growth
  • Dive deep into the essentials of marketing to build a solid foundation for your business.

  • Find out how to effectively delegate and maintain control as your business expands.

  • Discover strategies for refining and evolving your marketing efforts for sustained success.
Module Fourteen: 
Master Phone Marketing: Transform Calls into Contracts
  • Elevate your first impression with a refined phone approach that wins clients over instantly.

  • Master the art of setting clear expectations and creating a seamless customer experience from the first "Hello."

  • Find out how to develop and perfect your phone script for consistent, professional, and effective communication.

This is what can happen to your marketing presence when you DON'T use Business Marketing Blueprint!

THIS is what can happen to your life when you use Business Marketing Blueprint!

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Social Proof Marketing

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SEO & Email Marketing

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Introduction to Marketing ROI

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Ringless Voicemail Technology

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Google My Business Mastery

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5-Star Reviews

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Transform Calls into Contracts

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Understanding Graphic Design

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What Is Marketing?

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Sales Mastery

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