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Invitation to window cleaners and aspiring window cleaners who want to launch a career in the service industry. Learn how to build a six-figure business and make $500 a Day Cleaning Windows while being your own boss and creating your own destiny


Join My BRAND NEW Window Cleaning Blueprint program for ONLY $1 TODAY! TRY IT OUT and learn how to build a window cleaning business without any existing customers or if you've never even picked up a squeegee... Simply by joining my powerful online course that can help you every step of the way...


Join My BRAND NEW Window Cleaning Blueprint for ONLY $1 TODAY!

TRY IT OUT and learn how to build a Make $500 a Day in Your very Own Window Cleaning business without the Frustration of Going at it Alone... Simply by joining my Online community of other Window Cleaners who are also Making their Mark in the World ...

Dear friend,

Are you tired of not making the money you deserve?

Would you like to finally get the freedom you want?

Isn't time you learn the art of small business and how to get paid?

The time to own your very own small business BEGINS Today...

No More Putting Your Dreams on Hold.

It's time to make window cleaning a real career that gets you PAID.


  • You have a personality to win clients with.
  • You have can change your financial future once and for all.

But How? Where do you begin? How do you even get window cleaning jobs?

The challenges are real - it isn't easy to start out brand new or even if you've been cleaning windows for a while, the burn-out rate is pretty high.


  • Less than 10% your customers ever even find you
  • If they do, you don't know how to build relationships and sell them
  • You don't have a marketing system in place
  • You don't have a USP (unique selling proposition)
  • You're not confident or  connecting with your customers
  • You don't use a script for selling over the phone
  • You don't even know where to begin


The list goes on...
Trust me I know because I've worried about all of the above.

Does This sound familiar?

The Window Cleaning business is unlike any other business.
You're not punching a clock or sitting at a desk.

You are dealing with real people, in person, with high expectations…
Hoping they hire you and actually call you back.

It isn’t easy.

If you're trying to build your window cleaning business or adding window cleaning to your existing business, you can't apply the same rules used in old school marketing today.

It won’t work.

Listen, I know you are passionate and motivated and want to deliver a service for people who hire you.

But getting window cleaning jobs, or delivering excellent service that wow's your customer is one of the hardest challenges you face when you go at it alone.

Without specific training for creating customer experiences that not only get you work, but inspire your customers to refer you, it will be a long, hard road.

You can do it by yourself or you can join people who understand how special your efforts are and how awesome your success will be when you finally get this thing right.

So get this thing right.

In the Window Cleaning Blueprint Online Course, you'll get access to training that shows you:

  • How to Book Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Jobs.
  • How to Designing a Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • How to Setup and Legitimize Your Business
  • What Tools to Get Started With 
  • Window Cleaning Techniques and Training
  • Paperwork and Contract Downloads
  • 120 Page Ebook (How to Make $500 a Day Cleaning Windows) + Mp3
  • 20+ Hours of Original Content
  • Entire Course in Video/Audio (Listen While You Work)
  • Powerful Private Video Interviews with other 6-Figure Entrepreneurs

The Window Cleaning Blueprint is a 6-Week Online Course with Modules and Worksheets

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But Why Should You Listen To Me to Show You How to Start a Window Cleaning Business?

MEET Keith Kalfas

Keith Kalfas is the social media world’s leading landscaping & window cleaning influencer and one of the most-watched and followed personal development coaches in the industry. His videos have been viewed 10MM times, 95,000 people see his posts each week online and 2,500-plus students have taken his online courses & video series. Because of these results. Keith has been featured in Turf Magazine, Window Cleaning Magazine UK and has been invited to speak at The Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE and several other events. Keith has written and self-published two books including "How to Start a Landscaping Business" and "The Window Cleaning Blueprint" He is now a regularly requested motivational speaker in the small business world and plans on giving many inspirational talks in the near future.

My motivation to become a small business owner

 grow my service business to six-figures, and most importantly to change my financial future has always stemmed from my own self-doubts.

The self-limiting beliefs I had when I was starting out.

The fears I had when I was totally struggling to get window cleaning jobs
I've spent my whole life trying to measure up.

It all comes from feeling completely ignored when I was a boy. I created a story in my mind that I was never good enough to be loved...

And I suffered for years.

In jobs, relationships, and life, I tried so hard to please everyone like old jerk bosses.
Some of them actually told me I was stupid.

I believed it.

And I fell into depression. No matter how hard I tried, nothing made me feel worthy.

I was afraid to do what I loved.

I eventually lost everything and had to start over from scratch.

Then I started my service business...

I failed miserably, I struggled. I almost gave up.

But my story of hope was too important and my love of making videos and inspiring others was
too powerful.

So I made a commitment to figure this thing out.
Now I'm sharing my story of success with you.

Now, I don't want anyone to feel stuck in their own doubts as to whether they can become a successful small business owner. Because you absolutely can - as long as you get the proper information.

What People Are Saying About My Window Cleaning Blueprint Course

""I bought Keith's Window Cleaning book and loved it. There was so much information. I fully endorse Keith and I'm excited about the Window Cleaning Blueprint.""

Founder, Sunshine Window Cleaning

""Keith went from being flat-broke in a dead-end job to a 6-figure business in 2 years.""

Joshua Latimer
Automate Josh

""Keith's passion is palpable and his enthusiasm is inspirational." "

Stanley Genadek
Dirt Monkey University

Stanley Genadek interviewing and endorsing the Window Cleaning Blueprint.


Sunshine Windows Endorsing Keith Kalfas and the Window Cleaning Blueprint


Josh Amoroso - Review on Keith Kalfas window cleaning blueprint course


Joshua Latimer Interviews Keith Kalfas


The people above all started where you are now, only to rise above their challenges and become successful. Keep reading to learn more about The Window Cleaning Blueprint

This Window Cleaning Blueprint Program sells for $197 on its own.
(I don't expect that from you today, so read on…)

Not only is there 20+ Hours of training.

You have weekly expert advice to launch you forward, which is such a huge advantage.

Let me explain.

In addition to your Window Cleaning Blueprint 6-Week Training Program & Community, I'm also giving you access to Powerful Expert Interviews.

Every week, I release a brand new video on the best interviews from 6-figure service business owners:

  • Selling Jobs
  • Understanding Marketing
  • Selling Over The Phone
  • Building A Clientele
  • Systematizing Your Business With Internet Marketing
  • How to Build a Referral Network Inside Your Business
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Create Your Company Vision


This program has latest content in the Industry of running a window cleaning business.

Each training module is priceless and you get my BEST stuff.

Pretty cool huh?

With this specific training just for window cleaners, supportive community for sharing, and bonus insights from experts,

you will…

Master the window cleaning business in no time.

Please know that this one time offer is available for just a short time, I know everyone won't act on it, but you will not see this offer anywhere but this page here and now.

Take me up on it.

This Window Cleaning Blueprint Program sells for $197 on its own.

(I don't expect that from you today, so read on…)

Not only is there 20+ Hours of Video/Audio Training.

You have weekly expert advice to launch you forward, which is such a huge advantage.

Let me explain.

In addition to your Window Cleaning Blueprint 6-Week Training Program & Community, I'm also giving you access to Powerful Expert Interviews.


Every week, I release a brand new video on the best interviews from 6-figure service business owners:


  • Booking High-Profile Customers
  • Creating Your Company Vision
  • Selling From The Phone
  • Creating a Referral System
  • Getting Leads with Online Marketing
  • How to Get Customers and Keep Them for Life
  • How To Understand your Marketplace
  • Tools, Tips, Techniques, Training, Pricing, Downloads
  • Much More...

This is some of the most up to date content in the world of Window Cleaning and running a service-based business.

Each training video is priceless and you get my BEST stuff.

How cool is that?

With your advanced training just for window cleaners, support community for learning and networking, and continued insights from experts, you'll…

Master the window cleaning business in no time.

Please know that this special offer is available for a short time only, I know everyone won't act on it, but you will not see this offer anywhere else except here on this page.

Take me up on it.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in The Window Cleaning Blueprint Course

The Big Picture Overview Of How A Window Cleaning Business Works

  • 3 Simple Steps You Can Do Immediately To Get Window Cleaning Jobs
  • The Current State of The Cleaning Industry
  • Step by Step Instructional Videos on How to Start a Window Cleaning Business  
  • PDF Download of Ebook and mp3 Audiobook


  • You - How To Prioritize Your Time And Energy For The Demand Of Being Self-Employed
  • Market - How To Analyze Your Marketplace For High Density vs Profit Margins
  • Marketing - A Deep Dive Into Marketing Philosophy and Modalities
  • People - Networking, Family, Employees
  • Systems - Identifying and Simplifying The Repetitive Movements In Your Business
  • Legitimizing Your Business


  • Quality Communication and Rapport
  • How To Collect and Build a Customer Database
  • How to Book, Schedule, and Follow Up
  • Collecting and Managing Money


  • The Psychology behind Pricing
  • How To Collect and Build a Customer Database
  • How to "Split-Test" Pricing
  • Why Window Cleaning Is a Luxury Service
  • Detailed Property Walks
  • Pricing a $1k Job Together


  • Water Fed Pole Basic Setup
  • The Cheapest Waterfed Pole System to Get Started With
  • How to Operate the Waterfed Pole 
  • How to Price 3 Story Houses With The Waterfed Pole
  • The Science Behind Water Filtration and Pure Water
  • Extremely Costly Mistakes to Avoid


  • Let's Do A Job Inside a Customer's Actual House
  • Window Squeegee Tips & Techniques
  • How to Clean Screens
  • How to Clean Tracks & Gears
  • Towels & Microfibers
  • Scraping Windows & (Liability Waiver)
  • + Fun Window Cleaning Vlog 


  • Interview With Mike From Detroit Sponge (Window Cleaning Tool Supplier Owner)
  • Interview With Joshua Latimer (Guy Who Made $100k Per Month in His Window Cleaning Business)
  • Lesson from Sid Graef from Squeegeeology (Has a Fully-Automated Window Cleaning Business) 
  • Interview With D.J Carroll ( Has (Multi 6-Figure Window and House Washing Business)
  • Interview with Dave Carroll - (Multi 6-Figure Commercial Cleaning & Marketing Company)
  • Brandon Vaughn (Million Dollar Window Cleaning Business) about Systems and Hiring Employees
  • Life-Changing In-Depth Perspective (Priceless)


  • Setting Up Google My Places For Business and Optimizatiing
  • Basic Facebook Ads For Business Training
  • First Page of Google and Local SEO 
  • Paperwork & Contract Downloads
  • Mp3 Audio Downloads of All Lessons (Listen While You Work)

Being a Professional Window Cleaning means more than training...

Ready to Join the Window Cleaning Blueprint ?

I am so confident that you will love my Window Cleaning Blueprint Program,
that I want you to try it our for 10 days for $1...

If you love it at the end of 10 days, we will automatically bill you $37 per month.

If you don't love it, just contact us at before the 10th day and you will not be billed
the $37 per month.

If you decide to continue at $37 per month, you will get continued access to
20 hrs of content and a NEW High impact Window Cleaning Business training video every month.

Get Started ASAP. You are moments away from becoming a Window Cleaning Business Owner and Rocking Your Local City.


Order Now To Get Instant Access - After 10 days, you will be charged the regular $37 monthly membership fee. You can cancel at anytime.


Order Now To Get Instant Access - After 10 days, you will be charged the regular $37 monthly membership fee. You can cancel at anytime.

Hundreds of people have had success with the Window Cleaning Blueprint formula.

Not only have some of my clients had success with my formula, but more importantly they are:


  • Being Their Own Boss
  • Spreading Their Wings
  • Finally Experiencing Freedom
  • Role Models To Their Families and Friends
  • Getting Paid To Serve Their Clients and
  • Make Some Serious Money


Is there a lower cost way to start your own small business and be your own boss?

I don't think so, but I do believe in You.

I believe it's your time.

I know this course isn't worth hundreds, I believe it's worth thousands.

Because the high cost of not becoming FREE and being your own boss is too painful to even consider for some.

You have the opportunity right here and now today to take full advantage of this One Time Offer.

You'll never see this offer Again.

Monthly Payments

Order Now To Get Instant Access / REGULARLY $197 / Cancel Anytime / Order Now To Get Instant Access - After 10 days, you will be charged the regular $37 monthly membership fee.

For Less than the Price of the Squeegees and Scrubbers Themselves You Can:

  • Get MORE Residential and Commercial Window Jobs
  • Create Compelling Marketing Offers that Inspire Your Customers
  • Get a High Closing Rate on new Window Cleaning Jobs
  • Eliminate Fears Around Selling So You Have Supreme Confidence
  • Potentially Make $500 per day Cleaning Windows or much more...
  • Leverage your Existing Business to Expand into the Window Cleaning Market
  • Never Have To Worry About Money Again When You Master Marketing and Selling


You will NOT See this offer again so be sure to grab it RIGHT NOW! 

Before it drips down the window pane

The Ultimate Cost of Inaction

I  guarantee there's The Cost of Inaction.
If you do not take action it might cost you:


  • A Future: The real opportunity to get paid what your worth with Window Cleaning 
  • Your Mindset: When someone repeatedly hesitates to pull the trigger, their self-worth goes down and they can lose hope.
  • Your Mission: What's the real cost of not fulfilling your mission? Knowing you got into your older years and live in regret because you never took chances. To me, that is the scariest part.
  • Impact: Who will you be unable to nurture and support moving forward into the future and beyond? I believe it's our duty to stand up and fight.
  • Leadership: A Lot of my clients reported that the relationship with their spouses have gotten better because they are no longer hiding in insecurity because of money problems.

Do not let the cost sink in , make the investment in
Window Cleaning Blueprint TODAY.


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