How Would Your Life Be Different If You Knew Exactly How To Market Your Service Business ?

I've pulled together 6, sales & marketing geniuses to show us how they market their businesses

New "Workshop" For Service Business and Aspiring Service Businesses is now here .

Discover How To Get 3X More Leads a Day So You Can Build A Successful  Business and Make a Greater Income Without Having to Hire A Marketing Agency.

Are You Excited to Take Control of Your Own Marketing?

Because Here's What It Will Take

  • A Service Minded Person Who Want's to Create Value in Their Business

  • An Aspiring Business Owner That Wants To Get Tons of  Leads Flowing into Their Business

  • An Expert Who Already Takes Care of Their Clients Buy Wants to Get Paid More for it

  • Someone Who's a Pro at Booking and Selling Jobs Over the Phone

Real-World Small Business Owners Make Their Income by Getting tons of Contracts 
by Becoming Good at Marketing & Selling

Marketing your business online is one of the fastest ways to get clients, get paid, 
and pack your calendar with new jobs.

But the question that may be on your mind is:

How Do I Get Started In 10 days or Less so I can get paid and build a real business doing this?
If I Do Sell Jobs, What  do I Do When I Show Up and How Do I get Repeat Business?

Which includes:

  • A Phone Selling Formula,

  • The Small Business Marketing Formula,

  • An Entire 

    Turn-Key System.

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Marketing Your Business!

My Friend, Business Owner and Aspiring Business Owner,

Do you want to position your business as an authority in your local area?
Would you like to know how myself and others built a 6-Figure business in less than 3 years by because of internet marketing?


No More Sitting around and waiting for your business to discover you.

No More Hoping that one day the right clients will come into your life.

And No More being afraid of marketing or selling high-paying jobs.


Today is YOUR day.

Here’s the good part…

When you get my Business Marketing Blueprint you might get two very real Results:

  • Become the #1 Perceived expert in Your Local Area.

  • Pack Your Calendar with new Jobs.

When I first started marketing my service business I felt stupid because I didn't have a clue about marketing.

Because I had no clue what professional marketing even looked like.

Within a few years I became the highest rated service provider in my city.
Do you know how I did this?

By getting Motivated, Networking and Marketing my Business on the Internet.

But none of this is possible if you don’t get get started now.

You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to get booked with several high paying clients less than 10 days from now. 

This is how…

There's 3 Steps to Succeed in Marketing Your Business Online.

STEP #1:

3 Step Process to Getting your business in the "Google 3 - Pack"

I know something about SELLING Jobs and I know a lot about Totally under-quoting and working for Free.

When I first got started I was working for so cheap that I couldn't even afford to pay My Bills.

Every day was a nightmare of financial anxiety that  thought I would never wake up from.
I thought that I was cursed and wasn't born to be successful, until I discovered that the greatest way to make money was to be confident, have an attitude of service, and learn marketing quickly.

That's why I grew my small business and then created a YouTube channel and started making videos. To share my story and message because it really matters.

Not only do I have a successful small business, but I now have books and online courses that help others as well. I'm doing What I Love…

Because I got back up after FAILING multiple times.

... Today, I also have a YouTube channel that gets 300,000 views a month.
The Best Feeling is helping others and watching them succeed..

What's your story? How will you want to make your dreams come true?

It's time to get The Marketing ROI Course Now, by designing a powerful marketing and advertising strategy that will help you start acquiring higher ticket clients IMMEDIATELY and at the very least, in 10 days or less.


But first, You need to create a Business Marketing Plan and My Blueprint Shows You:


  1. How to claim your local business citations and become highly visible online.
  2. How to develop relationships with customers to create a referral system

I've got my business to the top of local organic search rankings and you can too. Here's how,

  1. How To Develop Relationships with Customers so they Naturally Want to Refer you to their Friends and Family

We have created a lead generation and referral system and you can too.


  1. How To Pack Your calendar by networking with other service business owners
  2. How to book customers multiple times a year
  3. My Secret On How I Have a consistent flow of leads flowing into my business on autopilot

Brand New To Small Business Marketing, NO WORRIES!
Don't Know How To Sell, NO WORRIES!
Don't Know Where to Find Jobs, NO WORRIES!

My Business Marketing Blueprint PROGRAM IS THE REAL DEAL!

You get 12 hours of Extensive Video Training from STEP #1. 
PLUS another 7 hours of Step By Step Training and Worksheets To Launch Your new marketing campaign in your business.

STEP # 2:

Learn Marketing in Order to Generate Leads & Referrals

People ask me all the time how I Get so many new customers without trying too hard.

TWO WORDS… Social Proof.

I have the most developed and comprehensive Social Proof formula in the business.

One of the most important aspects of a masterful Marketing is SOCIAL PROOF


  • Social Media Marketing - Pictures and Videos of You in uniform 
  • Your Website - Informative with Package options and customer testimonials
  • Positive Reviews -  From Your Clients - This Handles 90% of the Objections


Imagine Creating So much social proof about your business that people are ready to buy your services before you ever even give them a quote.

The Next Most Important is: Presentation

I call this the "Art of the Show". How you conduct yourself in the presence of your customers is huge in creating perception in their minds.

Service business owners lose out when they don’t use a consistent and authentic method that serves their clients.

The Third Aspect is REFERRALS.
Do you FREEZE UP when trying to ask for a referral?

Do you get stuck in your head and talk too much to your customers?

If you don't WOW your customers then your small business will Fail.

The Marketing ROI Online COurse will be delivered to you in an Audio & Video training with worksheet downloads and you will get a major AHAA MOMENT!

There's FEW THINGS worse than getting your company image online and looking like an absolute amateur!
Trust me, I've been there!

When I first started my small business I felt so stupid because I had no clue what I was doing.

It wasn't because I didn’t know marketing. It was because I didn't know my value, I was coming across as in-authentic because I didn’t know how to connect.

I almost quit my business permanently before I ever got any momentum because of all the rejection. I had serious Unworthiness issues.

Today, I'm very confident when it comes to marketing my business

STEP #3:

How to Setup and Legitimize your marketing 


Step by Step instructions on how to Launch your business

Imagine a Simple Step-by-Step Guide That Show You


  • How To qualify & Close 50% of customers over the phone To Buy Your services and Packages
  • How To Upsell packages That Will Double Your Sales
  • How to Have Confidence While Closing Sales
  • Mistakes To Avoid That Will Destroy Your Profits
  • How To Raise Your Prices Through The Power of Social Proof Marketing
  • The Business Marketing Blueprint comes with a 8+ hour Video Training To Increase Your Sales From the Go! (This will get you results if your just getting started or your a seasoned veteran)


Yes My Friend, You too can Launch a Lucrative Marketing Campaign.
It's time to start marketing your business, so you stop trading way too much time for dollars.

It's time to create a clear and compelling vision, that moves and inspires you.

It's time to design your marketing so new clients can't refuse, and for you to learn the modalities of marketing in your business.

If you CLOSE New JOBS Residential and Commercial…

Master Your Communication around Customers

Present Powerful and Authentic Marketing Offers,

And Get Customers To Say YES Directly Over the Phone...

You'd be off to THE RACES Marketing your business in the next 10 days making the money you deserve.


If You've Ever Wanted to Learn How to Automate the Sales and Marketing in Your Business?

Then this online course will expand your mind and help you crush it in your service business.


You're Gonna Love This Online Course

Enroll Now Only $297

Get The Marketing ROI Course Now

Learn how to make your small business highly visible online. Nornally $497

Big problem!

A lot of small business owners are frustrated and burned out because they keep working harder and harder, and they're afraid to raise prices because they're afraid of losing clients.


The truth is...

There's way more customers in your marketplace than you think. You just have to know how to create a sales, marketing, and referral generation system that's brings you clients...  automatically

Register Now

Learn how to crush it with the sales and marketing in your service business

If you want to learn how to automate the sales and marketing in your service business, then join the Marketing ROI Online Course 

With Training by:

Keith Kalfas 
Eric Reno, Brian Fullerton, Joshua Latimer, Derreck Smallwood, DJ Carroll, and Quentin Howell

Learn how to automate the sales and marketing in your business

+Social Media
+YouTube for Business
+Social Proof
+Positive Reviews
+Facebook Ads 
+Email Marketing
+Customer Avatar

Walk away with clear understanding of online small business marketing and a step-by-step action plan for increasing repeat customers and new deal-flow in your business.

Take Charge of The Marketing In Your Home Services Business

Enroll in the Marketing ROI Online Course Today, Normally $497

What's the Value of The Marketing ROI Course?

Hundreds of people have had success with the Marketing ROI.

Not only have some of my clients had success with my formula, but more importantly they are:


  • Being Their Own Boss
  • Spreading Their Wings
  • Finally Experiencing Freedom
  • Role Models To Their Families and Friends
  • Getting Paid To Serve Their Clients and
  • Make Some Serious Money


Is there a lower cost way to start your own small business and be your own boss?

I don't think so, but I do believe in You.

I believe it's your time.

I know this course isn't worth hundreds, I believe it's worth thousands.

Because the high cost of not becoming FREE and being your own boss is too painful to even consider for some.

You have the opportunity right here and now today to take full advantage of this One Time Offer. 

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It's $497 and TODAY, you can get Full-Access for a simple One Time Payment of Only $297

With the training inside of this program you can

  • Get MORE Residential and Commercial Jobs
  • Create Compelling Marketing Offers that Inspire Your Customers
  • Get a High Closing Rate on new Jobs
  • Eliminate Fears Around Selling So You Have Supreme Confidence
  • Potentially Make an incredible income & much more...
  • Leverage your Existing Business to Expand your marketing
  • Never Have To Worry About Money Again When You Master Marketing and Selling


You will NOT See this offer again so be sure to grab it NOW! 

MEET Keith Kalfas

Keith Kalfas is the social media world’s leading landscaping & window cleaning influencer and one of the most-watched and followed personal development coaches in the industry.

His videos have been viewed 15MM times, 95,000 people see his posts each week online and 2,500-plus students have taken his online courses & video series.

Because of these results. Keith has been featured in Turf Magazine, Window Cleaning Magazine UK and has been invited to speak at The Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE and several other events. Keith also hosts his very own live event called Marketing ROI.

Keith has written and self-published two books including "How to Start a Landscaping Business" and "The Window Cleaning Blueprint"

He is now a regularly requested motivational speaker in the small business world and plans on giving many inspirational talks in the near future.

Most importantly. Keith went from a flat-broke kid on welfare in Detroit with no mentors, dead-end jobs and depression, to a successful 6-figure business owner.

His mission and purpose is to help others do the same.

The Ultimate Cost of Inaction

I  guarantee there's The Cost of Inaction.
If you do not take action it might cost you:


  • A Future: The real opportunity to get paid what your worth in your home services business.
  • Your Mindset: When someone repeatedly hesitates to pull the trigger, their self-worth goes down and they can lose hope.
  • Your Mission: What's the real cost of not fulfilling your mission? Knowing you got into your older years and live in regret because you never took chances. To me, that is the scariest part.
  • Impact: Who will you be unable to nurture and support moving forward into the future and beyond? I believe it's our duty to stand up and fight.
  • Leadership: A Lot of my clients reported that the relationship with their spouses have gotten better because they are no longer hiding in insecurity because of money problems.

Do not let the cost sink in , make the investment in 
Marketing ROI Course TODAY.

Enroll in Marketing ROI Today

Order Now To Get Instant Access / REGULARLY $497 /

If you aren't happy with anything you try or buy. you have a full 30 days to get your money back. No questions asked.

You have a Full 30 Days To Try Out This Program.
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That's exactly how confident 
I am about this program.

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Please know, this is a limited-time offer. Meaning, when you Our customer support is here to help you at all times. Just email [email protected] and we will gladly support you.


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