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(This course is an entry-level course, (released previously) and it's jam-packed with great information.)

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Learn the art of quoting and closing $1500-$3,500 landscape maintenance jobs.

Learn how to qualify customers over the Phone. 

Learn how to properly measure your time and materials

How to quote and measure mulch

how to prep and weed out garden beds and how much to charge.

how much to charge for trimming shrubs..

How to GUARANTEE you'll make high profits on every single job.

This succinct and inspiring online course will impact your mindset like no other entry-level course available today.

Join Keith Kalfas as he takes you on a journey with property walks, detailed pricing talks, sales and marketing strategy, and most importantly, Massive Execution.

This online course will absolutely change your mindset, inspire you, and help you create the backone required to become a dominant force in your town.

Here's what you'll get:

  • How to Take Control Of Your Business and NOT let People Take Advantage of You 
  • How to Market Your Business and Get New Clients Fast 
  • How to Sell and Close More Jobs at Higher Prices 
  • Address your concerns about insurance and taxes 

This course will help you get clarity and develop a warrior mentality!

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