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Finally! Discover The Easy Steps To Manage Your Business Finances And Take Control Of Your Future!

"This is NOT financial advice. I'm only attempting to share what's worked for me"


What’s inside... 

  • Strategic ways I  manage my business cashflow. (So Money is hyper-organized)
  • Tips for making better business choices.  (The 20% Rule)
  • Ideas on how to earn more and spend less. (The 30% Rule)
  • Tricks to make dealing with money less worrisome. (Multiple Bank Accounts)
  • Steps on how I make my business grow. (50% Gross Profit Margin) 
  • Strategies that helped me leverage my finances exponentially 

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The Window Cleaning Blueprint Course


In this course, you will learn:

  • The Sneaky Way to Market Your Window Cleaning Business in The Best Parts of Town to Get the Highest Paying Clients
  • The #1 Mindset Mistake to Avoid When Building a 6-figure Business
  • Short and Powerful Sales Scripts that Will Give You Supreme Confidence When Approaching Prospects and Get You a High Closing Rate 
  • Quoting Your Clients Prices that They Will Happily Pay While You Make $500 a Day
  • To Legally Set Up Your Window Cleaning Business in Only 30 Minutes  
  • Create Compelling Marketing Offers that Inspire People to Become Lifelong Customers

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