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Hire Keith Kalfas to Speak.

Keith will speak at your next event and teach your audience how to craft a perfect marketing story so that they can learn how to dominate in the social media world.

Your audience will be blown away and will go home enthusiastically armed with the knowledge and tools they've been hopefully waiting for.

He will tactfully teach your audience step-by-step 

  • The philosophy of internet and social media marketing
  • The psychology of social media
  • The rules of persuasion
  • NLP tactics and body language
  • Pattern interrupts and emotional intelligence dynamics
  • How to film a Vlog video or presentation
  • How to upload the video to websites, blogs and funnel building platforms
  • How to write video descriptions with tags and titles
  • How to build an audience online organically
  • How to Monetize your audience with or without paid traffic


The List goes on...


Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions before hiring Keith Kalfas to speak at your next event.


Keith's average talk/lesson lasts 90 minutes,

Keith can share and teach up to 4 hours with a 30min break.

Same price,



Meet Keith Kalfas

Keith Kalfas is the social media world’s leading landscaping & window cleaning influencer and one of the most-watched and followed personal development coaches in the industry.

His videos have been viewed 10MM times, 95,000 people see his posts each week online and 2,500-plus students have taken his online courses & video series. Because of these results.

Keith has been featured in Turf Magazine, Window Cleaning Magazine UK and has been invited to speak at The Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE and several other events.

Keith has written and self-published two books including "How to Start a Landscaping Business" and "The Window Cleaning Blueprint".

He is now a regularly requested motivational speaker in the small business world and plans on giving many inspirational talks in the near future.


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