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2022 Marketing ROI Live Workshop

I am super excited for the Marketing ROI live workshop this year. It is taking place on March 25th & 26th, and I personally believe it could be the most impactful thing you do for your business this year. I wholeheartedly think that marketing was the one thing that held me back the most. If I could have attended this workshop when I first started my business, I would have skipped over years of mistakes. 


Marketing Is More Difficult than It Should Be

You are going to learn a ton about business at this workshop, and most of it pertains to marketing. Marketing as a whole is relatively complicated, but it does not have to be. There is no doubt that you should be doing a whole lot of marketing in your business, but remember, you still have to run the business.

Some people get so caught up in marketing that the rest of the business starts to slip. In my opinion, you should take what you learn from this workshop and double down on a few key aspects. You do not have to try...

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Hurry! Tickets are almost sold out for Marketing ROI Workshop

Get tickets to the Marketing ROI Live Workshop Sept.8th in Utica MI.

They are almost sold out !!!

You can learn directly from

Joshua Latimer
D.j Carroll
Derreck Smallwood
Eric Reno
Brian Fullerton

And you get to ask them specific and
penetrating questions on how they market and scale their businesses.

You get real group coaching to take your skillset and business to the next level.

The event is right around the corner.
Get your tickets now...

Don't miss out.

The tickets are going up to $397.
But right now they're only $197.

Plus you can bring a friend/spouse/ team member for only $87.

Here's the link


Live events are synergistic and life-changing.

I've said to myself a few times...

"I can't believe I I debated with myself on not coming to this, I'm so thankful I came"

So come.
This is worth your time.


Keith Kalfas.

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Join the 2018 Marketing ROI Live Workshop


Have you ever gotten frustrated...

Because you're trying your best and working a million hours a week and it's not good enough.

You're stressed out because you're working constantly?

You're not making enough profit to be able to hire "qualified" people to help you?

And you're afraid to hire more people because you're afraid the work will slow down and then you will end up screwed.

You're in constant fight or flight mode and overwhelmed because all you know how to do...

Is pull the "work harder" lever.

But you're already working yourself to the point of a heart attack.

Well guess what?


It Seems Like Nobody Cares...

Nobody cares, so quit complaining. 

I read this amazing quote today.

"You're only a failure when you start blaming others"

-- John Wooden

So.. the bottom line is.
There's a simple truth.

That truth is that other people with worse problems than you, have gone before you, and figured it out.

Other people with flesh and blood like you.
Who grew up with nothing....

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