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How to Start a Landscaping Business with ZERO Startup Money | Find Financial Freedom Right Now

Jan 15, 2021

The best thing in the world is financial freedom. The best way to get it is to start your own business. Although it is easy to just say hey start your own business and you will have all the money you could want, but we all know that’s not quite how it works. Starting your own business is hard, but it is also rewarding if you put the work in. The one thing holding most people back is that they feel like they need to have a ton of money saved up to start their own business. This could not be further from the truth.



I have personally built my six-figure landscaping business from the ground up so that I did not have to keep living paycheck to paycheck at my miserable 9-5. I want you to get out of the hell loop of a 9-5 so with everything I have learned in my six years in the field, here is how you can start your own landscaping business right now with zero start-up money (step by step).



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Nov 26, 2019


 What's up? 

I want to invite you to a very specific emotion of some of the crap I went through my first six months of business.

So, to the brand new guys, I’m going to tell you some stuff that I wish people would have told me. I wish this information was out there during my first six months of business. And here is the way it goes. During my first six months of business, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what to charge. I was an expert at being a landscaper but I didn't know anything about business or what to charge. I thought because I knew how to do landscaping that I could run a business. Well, I thought if I charge these people enough so I make $15 an hour, I'll be okay. I was dead wrong because I wasn't figuring in all the other prices and all the other you know, relevant costs. 

So, I'm doing these jobs, I'm working my guts out, I had just quit my day job, and I was working...

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