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Why Your Business Needs a Bookkeeper RIGHT NOW

(Me & Dan Platta Blue Skies CEO)

I have spent years building up my business, and I have made plenty of mistakes along the way. One of those mistakes was trying to do all of my bookkeeping on my own. I used to spend days trying to record all of my transactions and balance my business expenses, and at the end of all my hard work, it was still a mess.

After trying it myself and giving my statements to my tax accountant, they basically had to scrap it and do it themselves. That cost me hundreds of dollars and wasted a lot of my time, and it was fairly embarrassing. So the next year I got a bookkeeper to do all of that hard work for me, and when I turned it in to my accountant the following year, they were super impressed with the quality of the work, and it helped me out a ton throughout the year.


What a Bookkeeper Can Do for You

If you only have a few things going in and out of your business account, you can probably do your books yourself. Although as your business starts...

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