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How Jill’s Office Made Me $1300 in the First Week

If I had to pick which business decisions have made the largest impact on my small business, Jill’s Office would certainly be in the top three. After you figure out your marketing and grow your business to a point, you are going to get a lot of phone calls from people in your area. So many in fact that it will keep you from actually working.

That is what happened to me, and Jill’s Office was the answer to my problems. For starters, Jill's Office is a receptionist business that can answer phone calls for you, and book clients. Here I am going to go over the whole process I went through and what happened once I finally decided to call Jill’s Office.


I Was Drowning

I am the type that will always work as hard as possible. When a part of my business is lacking,  my first reaction is to work harder. The problem is, I only have so many hours in the day. I was getting so many phone calls that I could not keep up with the actual landscape work. Plus, my phone...

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Vital Information For Facing These New Challenges in 2020 with Brandon Vaughn



$500K Per Month Business Ideas

How you can still make money in 2020




What's up? This is Keith Kalfas with The Untrapped Podcast and The Landscaping Employee Trap.




We're doing a special talk today and also on video. So not only can you catch this on The Untrapped Podcast, but also here on video on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.


We have a special guest...


We have Brandon Vaughn from the brand Conquer           







What's up, Brandon?





What's up, Keith? Good to be here man.



Brandon is a very special person. Here is a guy who owned a window cleaning, soft washing, and pressure washing business. He brought it...

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